Michele Marazzi

I am currently a PhD student at the COMSEC group at ETH Zurich, to research on DRAM security, microarchitectural attacks and side channels.

Previously, I researched and implemented non-invasive sensory feedback systems for amputees, using electrical stimulation.

I started from a technical school that mixed electronics and telecommunication, then I graduated from Electronics Engineering at my Bachelor. For my Master, I studied Biomedical Engineering at POLIMI, with a focus over electronics technologies (BTE).

I graduated from my master with 110/110 cum Laude, and a course average grade of 29.8/30 (GPA 3.97/4, top 1%).

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Short write-ups:

Injecting code into 32bit binary with ASLR (Reversing / Security) August-2020.
CTF: Level 2 of Practical Binary Analysis challenges (Reversing / CTF) August-2020.
CTF: Challenge 45 from Dennis Yurichev - Bruteforcing copyprotection with Python (Reversing / CTF) August-2020.

Recorded presentations:

REGA: Scalable Rowhammer Mitigation with Refresh-Generating Activations May 2023, San Francisco, IEEE S&P.
ProTRR: Principled yet Optimal In-DRAM Target Row Refresh May 2022, San Francisco, IEEE S&P.

Scholarships, Awards and Competitions :

(2022) CSAW Applied Research Competition (ARC) finalist with ProTRR.
(2017/2018) Scholarship for "Master Thesis abroad". - Polytechnic University of Milan.
(2017/2018) Student with high merits. - Polytechnic University of Milan.

Upcoming publications :

Marazzi et al. "HiFi-DRAM: Enabling High-fidelity DRAM Research by Uncovering Sense Amplifiers with IC Imaging." ISCA 2024
Marazzi et al. "PayRide: Secure Transport e-Ticketing with Untrusted Smartphone Location" DIMVA 2024

Further/older projects